Peak season tips at Table Mountain

Peak season tips at Table Mountain


Despite the name, Table Mountain is not all that flat once you get close enough to it, as any visitor to the summit will tell you. And, just like any other mountain, it’s important to stay safe and keep these handy tips in mind when visiting, whether you are hiking up or taking the cable car.

Check out our handy tips when planning to visit one of the world’s New7Wonders of Nature:

Think ahead and buy tickets online

It’s our peak season, and more visitors mean longer queues. Buy your tickets online for added convenience.

How to beat the queues

We’ve introduced morning and afternoon online tickets to help you plan your visit better. Buy a morning ticket and visit us between 08h00 and 13h00 (please note that you don’t have to come down at 13h00 – you can stay for longer if you need more time to soak up the experience). The Cableway is generally quieter in the afternoon, so we encourage you to buy an afternoon ticket, which is valid from 13h00 onwards.

Be prepared

Cape Town has a Mediterranean climate, and summer temperatures can hit the 35ºC mark around this time of year. However, at 1 085m above sea level, the temperature at the top of Table Mountain can be up to 5ºC colder than that at ground level. Make sure you bring sunscreen and a hat, and wear light clothing to handle the heat, but bring a light jacket with you as well since the weather can change rapidly. If you have a small backpack, you can bring everything you need in that – and don’t forget your camera!

If you’re thinking of walking along the summit of Table Mountain, even for a short distance, rather ditch the high heels and wear comfortable walking shoes, hiking boots or sports shoes. And while the water on the mountain is safe to drink, it’s better to bring your own bottle, especially if it’s a warm day.


Photo courtesy of Ingrid Sinclair

Looking for adventure?

If adrenaline is what you’re after, you may want to dabble in abseiling. You don’t need previous experience; all you need is a healthy dose of guts to help you move past your fears. Sound thrilling? Well, head over to the experts at Abseil Africa and they’ll get you started on your exciting adventure.

General safety

Table Mountain National Park is an urban park, which means you should exercise caution on and around the mountain. If you decide to explore further afield than the Cableway stations, keep these tips in mind:

  • Do not hike alone on the mountain – a group of four is preferable
  • Do not openly display cash, cameras or other valuables
  • In the unfortunate event of you being confronted by a criminal, do not resist. Calmly hand over your goods, as resistance is likely to lead to violence
  • Be sure to programme emergency telephone numbers into your cellular telephone before your hike, and pay attention to the route you took so that you can find your way back

Make the most of our current specials

Be sure to take advantage of the specials the Cableway has on offer. In addition to the Birthday, Senior Citizen and Student specials, the Cableway’s Sunset Special is popular during the summer months. From November 1 to December 21 2013, and from January 6 until February 28 2014, return tickets for both adults and children can be purchased at half-price at the Cableway’s ticket office from 18h00.

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