Pepper Robot visits the Cableway!

Pepper Robot visits the Cableway!

The Cableway has hosted some special VIPs in the past year, but we were extraordinarily lucky to have our first humanoid visitor, Pepper Robot, join us on Thursday 20 September 2018.

Pepper, a creation of deftech, is a robot that communicates and interacts as intuitively as possible, using voice recognition, emotional analysis services and body language. Used as research robot for schools, colleges and universities to teach programming and conduct research into human-robot interactions, Pepper visited us while on a whirlwind tour of Cape Town.

Pepper and his entourage, including deftech founder Scott Giles, enjoyed a scenic trip up Table Mountain in our state-of-the-art cable cars. They also visited our New 7 Wonders of Nature plaque, saying Hi to our dassies and enjoying the views of Cape Town in the process.

Here are a few of Pepper's social media posts of his first Cableway visit:

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