Safety tips on the mountain

Safety tips on the mountain


We receive a lot of visitors on Table Mountain daily, so “safety first” is always on our minds. We've created a useful checklist to make sure your experience is a safe and fun one.

Dress appropriately

No matter the season, the weather at the top of the mountain can change quickly, turning wet and windy at the drop of a hat. It's very important that you dress warmly as it's at least four degrees colder on top.
You should also wear comfortable shoes for balance as it can get slippery on top when it rains.
If you are not dressed warmly, do not worry. You can still do a little shopping for scarves, hats, jackets and so much more at the Little Shop at the Top or at the Exit Shop located in the Lower Cable Station.

Keep your eyes on the clock

In winter, it's important to take notice of the shorter days which means it gets darker a bit earlier.
Plan your walks or hikes carefully and make sure that by the time it gets dark you are in a safe place.

Obey the rules

If there is a sign that says “no entry”, trust that there is a good reason why and do not go off-route.
Respect restricted areas and do not take risks, even for that perfect Instagram picture!

Tell a friend about your plans

Tell someone if you plan on hiking, especially if you are doing it alone. This way, if you get stuck or lost, people will know where to look for you first.
Stay hydrated and take snacks, water and a warm jacket with you. Although ideally, you should never hike by yourself.

Keep emergency numbers on hand

Should you need medical assistance on your hike, please call Metro Rescue at 10177.

For more information and for our operation times, call us on (021) 424 0015 or visit our homepage here.

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