Sunset Special for locals ends on 28 February!

Sunset Special for locals ends on 28 February!


Our half-price Cableway Sunset Special ends on 28 February 2018!

It is hard to believe, but our awe-inspiring half-price Sunset Special for locals ends on Wednesday, 28 February 2018!

Our must-do summer experience has seen South Africans from all over the country swarm to Table Mountain, our Wonder of Nature, for a must-see African sunset and it has been amazing.

This is your final chance to enjoy this quintessential Cape Town activity too, so go on and book your tickets online or get them from our Ticket Office at the Lower Station.

Need some extra persuading? Here is why you need to book for our wonderful Sunset Special:

  • It’s for locals only: Since November 2017, this awesome special has been for South Africans with valid SA IDs only. Simply enter your ID number when booking online or show your ID to our tellers at the Ticket Office to qualify for this discount.
  • It’s super cheap: Adults pay only R137.50 per ticket and children pay  R67.50 per ticket.

Make your Sunset Special experience even sweeter:

Great news - you can sweeten your sunset visit with our delicious National Milk Tart Day special! For just R40, you can get a slick of our yummy milk tart and a hot beverage at our Table Mountain Café.

Sounds lekker, right?!

We cannot wait to see you! Remember to check on our weather updates and operational status by visiting our homepage, calling our weather line at +27(0)21 424 8181, emailing us at or following us on Twitter and Facebook.

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