The Cableway announces its 2020 annual maintenance shutdown dates

The Cableway announces its 2020 annual maintenance shutdown dates


The Cableway will close for annual maintenance for three weeks in July 2020.

The Table Mountain Aerial Cableway Company is currently in its 90th year of operations, transporting visitors to the top of Cape Town’s iconic attraction by cable car and bringing them down again. To ensure its effective running and continued safety, the Cableway will be closed for three weeks in July 2020 for its annual maintenance period.

The annual maintenance shutdown is an essential part of ensuring that the Cableway runs at optimum capacity, reducing the possibility of any technical delays, while also ensuring the safety of visitors to the mountain, says Cableway managing director Wahida Parker.

This year, the Cableway will be closed from Tuesday 7 July to Sunday 26 July. “International and local tourists are encouraged to consider these dates when planning their holidays to Cape Town,” Parker adds. 

For continued compliance with Swiss Governing Body for Cableways (BAV) standards in terms of machinery specifications, maintenance requirements and procedures, extraordinary maintenance tasks require a shutdown and cannot be fitted into the Cableway’s regular operating schedule.

The scope of work, in accordance with the BAV standards, for 2020’s maintenance shutdown will include:

  • Inspection, testing and replacement of loadbearing components in the cabins where necessary
  • Maintenance of high-use items in the cabins, such as door mechanisms
  • Complete service of braking systems situated in the Lower Station machine room
  • Servicing of the main drive motor and gearbox
  • Major service of the hydraulic systems at the lower and upper stations
  • Maintenance of the docking guides and platforms
  • Preparation of certain elements on the track ropes for the 2021 shutdown
  • Upgrades to the interior of the Upper Station building
  • Maintenance to the exterior of the Lower Station building

“We take the responsibility of transporting visitors up a height of more than 1 000m extremely seriously and believe this is one of the key factors enabling us to continue attracting thousands of people to experience one of the world’s New7Wonders of Nature,” says Parker.

Celebrating your birthday during our 2020 annual maintenance shutdown? South Africans whose birthdays fall during the annual maintenance period will be able to collect and use their free tickets during the week before the shutdown (30 June to 6 July 2020), or during the week after the closure (27 July to 2 August 2020).

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