Table Mountain Cableway awarded Diamond heritage status

Table Mountain Cableway awarded Diamond heritage status


Table Mountain Cableway has been awarded Diamond heritage certification by the Heritage Environmental Management Company

Table Mountain Cableway has been awarded Diamond heritage certification for achieving an average performance rating of 97.2% over a five-year period for environmental and sustainability compliance. It is currently the only South African heritage and tourism site to hold the certification.

The Diamond rating is the highest honour awarded by the Heritage Environmental Management Company and recognises the recipient as having established a globally competitive level of environmental stewardship, by achieving and maintaining the standards required for Platinum Certification for a period of five consecutive years.

“We are delighted to present Table Mountain Cableway with this prestigious award in recognition of the hard work and dedication shown in achieving their environmental goals,” says Heritage Environmental Management Company Managing Director Greg McManus. “We are confident that this award will serve as an example and incentive to others in the tourism sector to reduce the impact of tourism on the environment for the benefit of future generations.”

The Cableway focuses on the three pillars of responsible tourism: environmental, social and economic responsibility. Over the past year it has achieved an 11% reduction in electricity use, 5% reduction in water use and 10% reduction in waste to landfill, with a 207% increase in recycling volumes.

Resource management initiatives include introducing a unique toilet and waste-water removal system; compostable cups, lids, cutlery and straws; energy-efficient lighting; and the appointment of an in-house recycler to ensure the maximum recyclable waste is removed from the general waste stream.

At the forefront of its economic focus is the Cableway’s impact on the surrounding communities. By eliminating a need to use imported goods, and by locally sourcing more than 90% of its retail products, it ensures it is supportive of the communities and its people. The Cableway also expresses its social responsibility through a number of CSI initiatives such as Siyafundisa, the Cableway Company’s Academy of Learning, and its Class in the Clouds programme for schools.

“As a custodian of Table Mountain, it is essential that we continue to work as a powerful team to make positive contributions towards responsible tourism in South Africa,” says the Cableway’s Managing Director, Sabine Lehmann. “It is not only about minimising environmental and social impacts, while conserving our natural and cultural heritage, but also protecting the platform that we have built together to encourage other heritage sites and attractions in our beautiful country to follow suit.”

For more information about the Cableway’s responsible tourism intitiatives, visit our homepage or call (021) 424 8181. The Cableway operates daily, weather permitting.

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