Table Mountain for photographers

Table Mountain for photographers

Table Mountain is one of the most photographed landmarks in the world and is best captured from below with a wide angle lens.


Millions of photos have been taken of the mountain itself, and of the stunning views it affords those who summit it.

For unbeatable photos of the journey up, it is important to be at the front of the queue to secure a window seat inside the cable car. The cable car provides a 360-degree view of Cape Town and it’s also possible to capture images of ascending and descending cable cars. On top of the mountain, there are various stunning views of Cape Town and surrounds, which are best captured with a telephoto lens.

There are a dozen different view sites and decks from which to shoot the beauty of the city and ocean below. These are perfect spots from which to capture the unparalleled splendor of the mountain scenery.


Send a selection of your best shots to our Flickr group, and we’ll share them on our website. Because of the lengthy hours of operation and late sunsets in summer, photographers have several different lighting options and will be able to capture some spectacular sunsets. Those wanting a night shot will need to bear in mind that the sun only sets at around 8pm during this season. Photographers in search of colour have more than 1500 floral species to choose from on Table Mountain. For wildlife enthusiasts, there is no shortage of dassies, birdlife and reptiles - all in their natural habitat.

Well-known Cape Town-based landscape photographer Paul Bruins (aka Panorama Paul), offers these tips for taking photographs on top of Table Mountain:

  1. Find side-lighting rather than lighting from the front or the back.
  2. Include foreground in your photographs – don’t just take a photograph of a distant view.
  3. To get both the foreground and background sharp, shoot at a small aperture.
  4. Use a tripod.
  5. Take lots of photographs – digital is free, and it’s best to take a number of shots in case some don’t come out sharply.

Paul’s top five spots for taking photographs of Table Mountain:

  1. From Signal Hill road, or the top of Lion’s Head.
  2. From Milnerton beach.
  3. Looking up Adderley Street, or from the Company's Garden.
  4. With the Cape Town Stadium in the foreground.
  5. From the air.

View our photo gallery here.

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