Table Mountain statement: the Cableway’s coronavirus measures

Table Mountain statement: the Cableway’s coronavirus measures


Cableway managing director Wahida Parker explains the Cableway’s coronavirus measures.

Table Mountain Aerial Cableway Company (TMACC) is following the advice and recommendations of local authorities (such as the Departments of Health and Tourism) to ensure the health and safety of all visitors, at all times.

We urge anyone who lives and works in Cape Town, or who plans to visit Cape Town, to follow the health guidelines as set down by the authorities who are dealing with the outbreak of Covid-19.

As one of South Africa’s most visited travel destinations, the Cableway hosts about 800 visitors an hour, with up to 6 000 visitors a day. To ensure the safety of all visitors and staff, the organisation has implemented a number of measures to reduce the chances of the virus spreading at its facilities.

It is of the utmost importance that visitors’ experience of Table Mountain is a positive and safe one and, as a result, we have implemented and are encouraging various measures of caution and hygiene awareness amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

The Cableway has implemented the following precautions:

  • Hand sanitisers are being placed inside the cable cars and at all entry and exit points along the cableway
  • Sanitisers have been provided for all members of staff to carry with them wherever they are on duty on the mountain, whether it is the upper or the lower station
  • Gloves have been provided for our staff members who work in our ticket offices
  • Our health and safety personnel are educating and empowering our staff members on responsible health and hygiene habits to follow, at work and at home
  • All handrails inside the cable cars are wiped down after every journey
  • A ticket refund system is in place for anyone who wants to cancel or postpone bookings already made

We thank our visitors for their patience and understanding.

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