Table Mountain cable cars: Eight amazing facts

Table Mountain cable cars: Eight amazing facts

Did you know? Table Mountain Cableway is currently undergoing annual maintenance and we’ll be closed until July 31, 2011. Here, to tide to you over the bleak, Cableway-less two-week period in Cape Town, are eight amazing facts about our cable cars.

There are actually two cable cars, which counterbalance each other – as one goes up, the other comes down. They cannot operate independently of each other.


The special cabling used for the Cableway is Swiss-made, high-tech, full-lock coil, designed to keep moisture out while retaining internal lubrication. Three of our staff members recently went all the way to Switzerland for highly specialised training in rope-socket binding.


The cable cars take visitors 704m, from the Lower Cable Station at 363m above sea level, to the Upper Cable Station, at 1 067m above sea level.


The cable cars travel at a maximum speed of 10m per second.

image Photo courtesy chrisLgodden

There are only three Rotair cable cars in the world: one in Switzerland, one in the United States and the cable car in South Africa.

image Photo courtesy stephngoi

The cable car’s base is filled with water, and serves as a ballast in windy conditions.

image Bob Skinstad and Robbie Fleck on top of Table Mountain. Photo courtesy Andrew Brown

The Cableway’s revolving cars carry 65 passengers. Famous visitors over time have included actress Halle Berry, WWE superstar Justin Gabriel, Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw, King George VI, the Queen Mother, Sir Edmund Hillary and more.

image Photo courtesy danusa campos

The Cableway has transported more than 20-million people to the summit of Table Mountain.

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