Table Mountain is wheelchair-friendly

Table Mountain is wheelchair-friendly

image The Dassie Walk is paved and wheelchair-friendly. Photo: flowcomm

Being in a wheelchair is no deterrent to getting to the top of Table Mountain. And while the summit is not as flat as one would imagine, it certainly is wheelchair-friendly.

From the moment you arrive at the Lower Cable Station to concluding your trip up Table Mountain, you can expect smooth sailing. 

Ensure your disabled parking disc is visible on your vehicle, so that you can park in one of the specially demarcated bays at the Lower Cable Station. A customer services assistant will help you to the lifts, which will get you to the Cableway docking level and the cable cars.

The Rotair cable car doors are wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair, and the viewing windows are low enough for you to watch the scenery as the car travels up to the Upper Cable Station.

There are lifts that will transport you from the docking station of the Upper Cable Station, and once on top you will be on a looped, paved walkway. Both the Agama and Dassie walks are paved, making travelling in a wheelchair easy.

If you prefer to be accompanied by an expert, there are two guided tours each day and you can enjoy the many views from the vantage points along the way. These guided tours are free of charge. They commence at 10h00 and noon every day, and depart from the meeting point just outside the Upper Cable Station.

The routes are not too long, or strenuous. The Dassie Walk promises spectacular views to the north, south and west. The Agama Walk is popular and has 360° views of Cape Town.

Your trip around the top of the mountain will no doubt leave you needing some refreshments. The Table Mountain Café has wheelchair ramps and wide aisles, and disabled toilets are situated inside the café.

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