Table Mountain: The stuff of legend!

Table Mountain: The stuff of legend!


Table Mountain’s cloudy “tablecloth” is the stuff of legends: one myth tells of the San Mantis god smothering a blaze on the slope with a huge white karos (animal pelt). Another says the cloud comes from a smoking contest between the Devil and a local pirate called Van Hunks.

Traditional legends include the Xhosa tale of Qamata who wanted to create dry land, while the dragon of the seas, Nkanyamba, was not pleased with that plan. This resulted in an epic battle where Qamata’s mother, Jobela, created four giants to fight against the Nkanyamba but despite their size they could not defeat the dragon. As they died the giants asked Jobela to turn them into mountains so they they could protect the land. She did this and the giants of the south became what is today Table Mountain.

Do you have any other myths or legends about Table Mountain? Please share them with us in the comment field below.

Table Mountain Cableway is closed until August 5, 2012 to focus on its annual maintenance and will reopen on August 6, weather permitting.

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