The Cableway and your free birthday ticket: what you need to know

The Cableway and your free birthday ticket: what you need to know

Editors' Note: Visitors celebrating their birthdays during the national lock down will be able to collect their free birthday tickets within the two weeks after the Cableway re-opens. This special is not redeemable for hikers using the special hikers'service.


Our free Birthday Special ticket collection period has been extended.

We love celebrating our local visitors' birthdays with them by presenting each of them with a must-have gift: a free Cableway ticket. In this blog post, we take you through the T&Cs of our popular Birthday Special .

The great news, SA residents, 4 years and older,  is that your free Cableway birthday ticket is available for collection from our Ticket Office  or Visitor Information Centre on your birthday or any other day within your birthday month.

That’s right! We are giving you extra days during which to collect it. Remember to bring your valid SA ID along so that our Cableway team members can verify your identification.

Read the fine print:

  • You can collect and redeem your free birthday Cableway ticket on any day of the calendar month in which your birthday falls
  • For example, visitors born in October are able to collect and redeem their free birthday tickets on any day in October (even if it’s before their actual birthday)
  • Regardless of when your actual birth date falls during your birthday month, you cannot redeem your free birthday ticket the following month. For example, someone born on 31 October cannot use their birthday ticket in November
  • Tickets are only available to South African citizens. You will have to present a valid South African identity document, driving licence or birth certificate on arrival at the Cableway

We can’t wait to celebrate your birthday with you!

The Cableway’s operations are weather-dependent. For weather and operational status updates, please visit our homepage ,call +27(0)21 424 8181, send an email to or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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