The Cableway’s 2017 in review: five awe-inspiring highlights

The Cableway’s 2017 in review: five awe-inspiring highlights

As 2017 draws to a close, we look back at what an awe-inspiring year it has been for us!

Here are our top five highlights of the year:

1.Welcoming our 26 millionth visitor:

Way back when it took us years to welcome our first millionth visitor. These days it takes us 11 months and we were so super excited to welcome Elbe Mattheus from Cradock to our iconic attraction on.

Watch us surprise Elbe here:

2.We rocked National Milk Tart Day:

8000 slices… that is how many more slices of our world-renowned milk tart we have sold at our Café since we gave you guys an up close and GoPro personal look at how our rock star baker Octavia Nkomombini whips up her specialty.

Keen to drool all over again? Watch the video here:

3.We tickled the ivories at the summit of Table Mountain on World Piano Day:

As you might have guessed by now, we have a thing for celebrating days of stuff at the Cableway. The 88th day of the year was World Piano Day and we not only transported a baby grand up in the cable car but had 18 amazing musicians playing their funky music at the top of our African Wonder of Nature too.

Rock out with the video below:

4.We headlined the Cableway Charity Challenge:

This year we claimed title sponsorship of the Charity Challenge and our MD Wahida Parker claimed a few summits for herself.

Raising over R945 000 for charity and clocking a record 738 summits in total, the 2017 Cableway Charity Challenge was one for the books!

Read all about it here.

5.We went local:

2017 was the year we truly listened to the requests of our mountain-loving SA residents and made our Kidz Season and Sunset Special for locals only.

To celebrate, we collaborated up with hilarious local comedian Yaaseen Barnes for a sidesplitting funny video:


Thank you for sharing 2017 with us! We cannot wait to see you in the New Year.

P.S: you guys know we are not open for New Year’s Eve midnight celebrations, right? Read why here.

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