The sun has set on our half-price special (for now), but here are our other discount deals

The sun has set on our half-price special (for now), but here are our other discount deals

As the seasons change, so do our special offers at the Cableway. So while our half-price Sunset Special is over for now (don't worry, it will be back again in November), you can still enjoy discounted tickets for the cable car in these ways:

The Birthday Special


Behold! The birthday ticket. Photo courtesy of Wilhelm Witte

All South Africans aged 18 and older with a valid identity document can enjoy a cable car ride for free when they join us on their birthday. It's just a little treat from us to you.

Birthday tickets must be collected before 5pm on the day of your birthday (bear in mind that the last cable car up is at 18h30 at the moment) and used on the day.

If we are closed, you still need to fetch the ticket before 5pm. That way, we can issue you with one that is valid for the next seven days, so you can at least enjoy a belated birthday treat.

Discounts for students


Stellenbosch students during the Harlem Shake craze

Take a break from studying, or find inspiration at the top of Table Mountain. Local and international students with valid student cards can pay a return rate of R130 (or R68 one way, if you're feeling energetic) on Fridays only.

Bring some friends, pack a picnic and soak up the sights before returning to the books.

Discounts for seniors


Seniors enjoying a sunny day in Cape Town

With beautiful views and easy, guided walks at the top, a trip up Table Mountain makes for a great day's outing.

South African senior citizens over the age of 60 with a valid identity document pay R95 for a return ticket on Fridays only.

Pop in at the Table Mountain Café to find out about the meal special for pensioners, also available on Fridays only.

The Cable Card


A return trip every single day of the year

There is, of course, a way to enjoy discounted rides on the cable car every single day of the year.

Purchase a Cable Card for R535, and you'll gain free access to Cableway – and you'll qualify for discounts at the Table Mountain Café and the Shop at the Top, too.

Coming up in May, we have our longest-running deal of the whole year: Kidz Season. Keep an eye on the blog for more information about this special soon.

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