Video: Soli Philander – My mountain… my vote

Video: Soli Philander – My mountain… my vote


The time is now to cast your vote for Table Mountain and increase its chances of becoming one of the New7Wonders of Nature.

Talented South African entertainer and ambassador for his beloved Table Mountain, Soli Philander challenges you to show your support for South Africa’s iconic mountain.

“Table Mountain is so much part of the history of this city, and of this country, and of the people of this country,” says Philander. “There is so much associated with this mountain that is truly, intrinsically South African.”

“I cannot imagine that I would even have to appeal to anyone to vote for this mountain.”

To vote, SMS the word “TABLE” to 34874 (each SMS costs R2) once, twice, thrice ... The head online to cast your vote again, for free!

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