Video: Table Mountain’s journey to New7Wonder of Nature inauguration

Video: Table Mountain’s journey to New7Wonder of Nature inauguration

It’s almost here – the official inauguration of Table Mountain as a New7Wonder of Nature. The energy and excitement is almost palpable as we prepare for the international and local delegates, and the public to arrive to celebrate this momentous occasion with us.

It may have been a long and often-times challenging journey to reach this point but the honour of being named an official New7Wonder of Nature, after receiving millions of votes from Table Mountain fans from all over the globe, fills us with admiration not only for the Mother City’s natural wonder but also the members of the Official Supporters Club who worked tirelessly to help us reach this momentous occasion.

And let us not forget the voters. Thank you to everyone who voted for Table Mountain! As a token of appreciation we are offering discounted Inauguration Special tickets to those wanting to visit Table Mountain and experience the African wonder.

The voucher was advertised in a number of community newspapers from November 19 to 23 2012, so if you still have a copy of your community newspaper lying around, make sure to check that you haven’t missed out on a fantastic saving as the Inauguration Special runs until December 1 2012.

Check out the video of our journey to becoming a natural wonder and you’ll also get to see what good company we keep by getting a glimpse of the other wonders of nature.

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