#WaybackWednesday : Funny Festival’s Eddy Cassar’s magical proposal to wife Jane at the summit of Table Mountain 27 years ago!

Funny Festival’s Eddy Cassar’s magical proposal to wife Jane at the summit of Table Mountain


Eddy and Jane Cassar, on a recent visit to the Cableway. 27 years ago, Eddy proposed to Jane at the summit of Table Mountain. Image credit: Fazielah Williams

The power couple behind Cape Town’s jewel winter event – the Jive Cape Town Funny Festival – Eddy and Jane Cassar have a special connection to Table Mountain and the Cableway: 27 years ago, Eddy swept Jane off her feet with a magical proposal at the summit of our Wonder of Nature.

This Cape Argus article captures that awe-inspiring moment beautifully:


The Cape Argus article featuring Eddy and Jane Cassar's magical proposal on Table Mountain 27 years ago.

In 2018, the Cassars are still beloved friends of the Cableway and we asked them to reminisce with us about their love story:

Eddy and Jane, it’s now been 27 years since your magical engagement at the summit of Table Mountain and you’ve recently visited the Cableway as part of the Jive Cape Town Funny Festival delegation. Which changes have you noticed most about both the mountain and the Cableway?

Eddy: Thankfully, little has changed. The Mountain is still majestic, absolutely beautiful and still stands guard, overlooking the city. What has changed though, is that the rest of the world has acknowledged its beauty and significance, voting it one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. The Table Mountain experience has become much more tourist friendly. Gone are the long queues and in are the free guided tours at the summit. 

Please tell us about the media attention surrounding your extraordinary engagement story.

Eddy: A friend of mine had organized a photographer and the next day The Argus did a spread on it. In those days, it was the closest thing to going viral.

Did you have an October wedding and was it as spectacular as the proposal?

Jane: We ended up getting married in December, because it was the best month for all our family from far and wide to be able to be here during the holiday festive season, when people were able to take leave to travel. The reception took place in a beautiful building at the foot of Table Mountain, overlooking the city. Come nightfall, it was very pretty with all the city lights blinking below.

Eddy, any tips for the young men of 2018 planning a surprise proposal at the top of our Wonder of Nature?

Eddy: It’s a magical venue that people all over the world recognise, and will be ever present in your thoughts as you pass it. My advice to young guys, if they choose Table Mountain as an engagement venue, is remember its significance as a stable guardian, a beautiful rock and a fun place which gives so much happiness to others.

Jane, has Eddy done anything even more romantic in the past 27 years?

Jane: Eddy is an old-school romantic, which I love. He will often bring home flowers and buy me chocolates! He tells me he loves me every day, often more than once. Eddy never forgets our anniversary and one year, I think it was our 20th, I woke up to find buckets of red roses outside the door as I went downstairs, finding more on the staircase going down. That was really special!

Finally, please tell us what Table Mountain means to the both of you?

Eddy: I am a born and bred Capetonian and it was natural for me to incorporate Table Mountain in my future. Each time I look at the Mountain, I think of the day 27 years ago, when I made the most important decision of my life. I thank my lucky stars daily that I met and married Jane.

I once had a performer here for Funny Festival and he was into power of pyramids and crystals. The hotel staff told me that he changed the position of bed in the room and he hung mobiles of crystals from everywhere. When the Festival was over, he stayed for another three weeks not wanting to return to London. He told me later that he had never been happier in a city and believed he drew energy from “the large crystal you have in the middle of the City”.

Keen to host your proposal or wedding at the summit of Table Mountain? Email our Cableway event coordinator Taryn here for assistance.

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