We’re 90, so we partied!

We’re 90, so we partied!

It’s not every day a celebrity turns a cool and kicking 90, but on Friday 4 October it was nine exhilarating decades to the day since the auspicious date in 1929 when the Cableway opened its doors to the public for the first time.

We celebrated this exciting milestone with our fabulous team, tourism and media partners, current and past managing directors, top Cape Town city officials and other special guests, aptly in a (vast and glittering) room with a view – of our beloved Table Mountain, of course!

Her “stars were aligned” and she was blessed to lead “an absolutely phenomenal company”, glowed our managing director Wahida Parker in her welcome address. What pulled her through after she first joined the organisation was “the patience, courage and deeds of an absolutely heroic executive team”, she said, adding that many Cableway staff had 30 years or more of service.


Cableway managing director Wahida Parker reflects on 90 years of operations at our anniversary party.

The first version of the cable car was essentially “a metal box”, carrying only 23 passengers, said Cape Town Mayor Dan Plato in his celebratory address. (The latest sophisticated, revolving cars can take up to 65 passengers at a time.)

Among the many rich, famous and ordinary people to have made the trip up the mountain was Sir Edmund Hillary, who visited soon after his historic Mount Everest ascent, Plato noted.

The Cableway has been upgraded three times since – in 1958, 1974 and 1997 – and travelling time up to the top has been cut from an initial 10 minutes to just five.

The many accolades under our belt have included winning the African Responsible Tourism Award 2019 – Best Resources Management; being named as Africa’s leading attraction in the Africa & Indian Ocean World Travel Awards 2019; and being voted a New 7 Wonder of Nature in November 2011.

Currently, our glamorous 90-year-old is a finalist in the Africa’s Leading Attraction category in the World Travel Awards 2019, to be held in Oman in November. Plato invited all present to cast their votes by 20 October 2019 to help us land this big prize, too!


Cape Town mayor Dan Plato welcomes the guests.

After we all got to watch an inspiring mini-documentary about the fascinating history of the Cableway, the more formal – but fun! – part of the event ended with the cutting of the awesome masterpiece of a celebratory cake.

After this, the party continued in style – with Cape Town’s flickering lights adding extra glitz to an occasion every bit as classy as our world-class attraction!


Celebrating with our Cape Town Big 6 partners, with our famous mountain in the background.


Then it was time to cut the celebratory cake!

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