Your Cableway virtual-queue boarding pass: what you need to know

Your Cableway virtual-queue boarding pass: what you need to know


Our virtual-queue attendants can't wait to assist you with booking your return Cableway booking pass this peak season. (Image: Table Mountain Aerial Cableway)

This peak season, we're gearing up to make your Table Mountain experience a free-flowing, stress-free adventure. We have introduced special boarding passes to help you cut down on queuing time at the Upper Cable Station.

With the cool new boarding pass, you can now book the time you want to come back down from the summit of Table Mountain and secure your space on a cable car.

Check out this step-by-step video guide to booking your Cableway boarding pass:

We know you’ll have plenty of questions about this new process to make your Cableway experience a smooth one, so here’s what you need to know ...

What is a Cableway boarding pass?

A Cableway boarding pass is an electronic ticket that allows you to book a return-trip spot on the cable car at a time that suits you. This pass, booked and issued with the assistance of a virtual-queue assistant before your trip up the mountain, allows you to plan your time spent at the top.

How does it differ from a normal Cableway ticket?

In addition to your Cableway ticket, a boarding pass secures an estimated time of departure from the mountain.

Where do I book the boarding pass?

You book your boarding pass at the Lower Cable Station once you have bought Cableway ticket. If you are hiking up, a kiosk will be available at the Wi-Fi Lounge for you to book your trip and time down.

When do I book it?

On the day that you visit the Cableway, before boarding the cable car.

How does the boarding pass work?

Your boarding pass will have a special barcode on it that will be scanned before you board the cable car. Fifteen minutes prior to your return cable-car boarding, you will receive a SMS notifying you that your booked time is coming up.

Is there an extra cost to booking the boarding pass?

This service is free of charge.

Does the boarding pass mean I get to skip the long queue at the Upper Cable Station?

The boarding pass does not allow you to skip the queue; it simply means that queues will be more manageable and move quicker than usual.

How will I know when I have to board the cable car?

You will be notified via SMS prior to boarding.

What happens if I miss my boarding time?

We will try to accommodate you on the next available car if it is not fully booked.

What happens if I lose my boarding pass?

We will try to accommodate you on the next available car if it is not fully booked.

Can I book a boarding pass for more than one person?

You will be able to book for 30 people on one boarding pass.

What happens if I want to extend my visit at the top of Table Mountain? Will I be able to extend my boarding pass time or will I need to have a new pass issued?

You will have to book a new time slot, if available, in the Wi-Fi Lounge for a time that suits you.

What happens if I want to leave the Cableway sooner than the time stipulated on my boarding pass?

We will try to assist you on the next cable car that has enough space to accommodate you.

Do children need a boarding pass too?

Children must be included when you make your booking.

Having to keep track of so many tickets is annoying. Why can’t I just board a cable car when I feel like it?

You boarding pass will be attached to your ticket, ensuring both tickets are safe and for your convenience. The idea behind this initiative is to have a controlled queuing environment.

Why do I have to give you my mobile/cellphone number? What if I don’t have a mobile phone with me?

Giving your local mobile number is not mandatory – it’s optional and allows you to let us worry about time for you instead of watching the clock every 15 minutes.

What happens if my mobile phone’s battery dies during my visit to the Cableway and I don’t get the SMS notification to board the cable car? Will you send someone to find me?

There will be signage and staff to let you know which car is boarding. You also have the option of charging your phone in the Wi-Fi Lounge if you need a quick power-up, so don't forget to bring along your charger or cable to plug into our power points and USB ports.

Why can’t I pre-book my boarding pass online at Webtickets with my Cableway ticket?

This special system works independently and is not associated with Webtickets.

Got additional questions? Please call our information line at +27 (0)21 424 8181 for assistance.

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