Birthday Month

Birthday Month

We’re excited to announce the launch of our Birthday Month special – an extension of our regular birthday offering. It’s a new offering that promises local visitors an even more convenient way of collecting and redeeming their birthday tickets throughout the year. 

Here is the lowdown on how the Birthday Month offer works:

  • You can collect and redeem your free birthday Cableway ticket on any day of the calendar month in which your birthday falls
  • For example, visitors born in October are able to collect and redeem their free birthday tickets on any day in October (even if it’s before their actual birthday)
  • Regardless of when your actual birth date falls during your birthday month, you cannot redeem your free birthday ticket the following month. For example, someone born on 31 October cannot use their birthday ticket in November
  • Tickets are only available to South African citizens. You will have to present a valid South African identity document, driving licence or birth certificate on arrival at the Cableway

We look forward to celebrating your birthday month with you on the summit!

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