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Sunset Special

An African sunset from the top of one of the world’s New7Wonders of Nature is a truly spectacular sight.

Experience summer’s longer days and balmy evenings atop Table Mountain by taking a cable car to the summit – and bring your camera to capture that #sunsetspecial moment!

Due to popular demand, this special,which usually runs from November to February, has been extended to run from 5 to 20 March 2020!  These return tickets are half price after 6pm.

Tickets will be available for purchase online and from the Ticket Office until 20 March 2020.

Please note that it is not advisable to use our free park-and-ride MyCiTi bus service for the Sunset Special as the service runs until 7pm only.

This special is available to South Africans with valid SA IDs only. Please note IDs must be brought along to the Cableway on the evening of your visit when purchasing tickets at the Ticket Office.

If you have purchased your Sunset Special tickets online, please bring along your ID to help our team verify you on the evening of your visit.


Adults pay half price at R150.00 per ticket
Children pay half price at R75.00 per ticket
Tickets are available for purchase online and from the Ticket Office at the Lower Cableway Station all day but may only be used from 6pm on the day of your visit.

When purchasing Sunset Special tickets online the buyer needs to enter his/her ID number and the ID numbers of the people that s/he is buying tickets for.

Visitors must produce their valid South Africans IDs when purchasing their tickets at the Ticket Office on the evening of their visit.

Sunset Special tickets for children require an ID number ( this is the number that appears on birth certificate for children under 17).

This special is only available until 20 March 2020, therefore the ticket validity will decrease depending on the dates tickets are booked for. If a Sunset Special ticket is booked on 20 March, it will only be valid for that day and cannot be extended.


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